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Sea Of Shadows

Director and Cinematographer

Audience Award at Sundance 2019

A National Geographic Film

Executive Producers: Leonardo Di Caprio, Laura Nix, Rebecca Cammisa...

The Ivory Game

Directed by Richard Ladkani & Kief Davidson

Shortlisted for an Academy Award

A NETFLIX Original

Executive Producer: Leonardo DiCaprio


Headauthor for Doc Series

Director (The South), DoP other 3 films

4 x 45min. BR / Arte

Production Co: Storyhouse Prod.

Gas Monopoly

Director, DoP

Writer: Martin Leidenfrost

90min. - ORF/arte (2011)

Production Co: Fischer Film Austria


Race to the South Pole

Director of Photography

Director: Oliver Halmburger

90 min. - ZDF/ORF TV Special (2011)

Awards: Emmy Award Nomination 2012

Vatican - The Hidden World

Script Writer, Director, DoP

DoP: Volker Tittel, Richard Ladkani

90min. - BR/ARD/BBC2/NatGeo/France5 (2011)

Awards: Bayerischer Fernsehpreis 2011 (Bavarian TV Award)

Mysterious Places - Untersberg

Director, DoP

30min. pilot film - ServusTV (2011)

Jane 016

Jane's Journey

Director of Photography

Director: Lorenz Knauer

106min. for theatrical release - Neos Film (2010)

Awards: Shortlisted for an Academy Award 2012

Under the Spell of Horses - Morocco

Director of Photography

Director: Lisa Eder

52min. - SWR/arte (2009)

Production Co: Filmquadrat dok

Horses Iceland 063

Under the Spell of Horses - Iceland

Director of Photography

Director: Lisa Eder

52min. - SWR/arte (2009)

Production Co.: Filmquadrat dok

A Powerful Noise

Director of Photography

Director: Tom Cappello

90 min. - CARE International/PBS (2008)

Awards: Official Selection of Tribeca Film Festival 2008

IMG 2132

The most Secret Place on Earth

Director of Photography

Director: Marc Eberle

90min. - NDR/arte/WDR (2008)

The Azores

Director of Photography

Director: Florian Guthknecht

52 min. - BR/arte (2007)

Beyond Samarkand

Director of Photography

Director: Lisa Eder

52min. - SWR/arte/UNESCO (2005)

Awards: Bayerischer Fernsehpreis 2006 (Bavarian TV Award)

Devils Miner thumb

The Devil's Miner

Producer, Director, DoP

Co-Producer, Co-Director: Kief Davidson

82min. - PBS/arte/BR/3SAT/ORF/TVE/TVO (2005)

Awards: Winner at 22 international Film Festivals

Kallawaya - The Andean Healer

Director, DoP

Co-Director: Thomas Wartmann

52 min. - SWR/arte/UNESCO (2005)

Under Foreign Command

Director of Photography

Director: Marc Eberle

52min. - BR/arte (2004)

My Vietnam 079

My Vietnam

Director, Director of Photography

Co-Director: Minh Khai Phan Thi

60min. - ZDF/Network Movie/NRW (2003)

Encounter with the Great White Shark

Director of Photography

Director: Mark Kaczmarczyk

43min. - Pro7 (2003)

Monasteries of the Danube River

Director of Photography

15x 45min. - BR/ORF (2001/02)

Production Co.: Tellux Film

Awards: ROMY Award for Best Cinematography

Escape over the Himalaya

Co-Director, Director of Photography

30min. - ZDF (2001)

Production Co.: Tellux Film

Winner of 15 international awards

Feature Film


Script Writer, Director

Co-Writer, Co-Director: Bärbel Jacks

94min. TV Movie – Pro7 (2007)